esidential elections, and was sworn in on Jan. 27. Zelaya announced his plan ahead of the Central American Integration System's meeting in Guatemala to determine whether to grant m.

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we expect to get some answers back over the next couple of days." Apart from tax cuts, the meeting also discussed the arms reduction treaty with Russia, funding for the government.

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gement and encourage other countries to observe it. The United States is prepared to "do our part" to cut our nuclear arsenals and ready to support "practical" steps for creating .

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minister, the militants are members of the FARC's Teofilo Forero mobile unit. The Colombian army often refers to the rebel fighters as "terrorists." According to the defense minis.

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owns, the Indeci said. Indeci spokeswoman Medaltih Sotil told the press that brigades of the Peruvian National Police and firemen retrieved eleven bodies from a river in the zone. .

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to get an apartment and it's really hard to start your normal life. If you have a family, how are you going to pay for childcare?" she asked. "So there are so many barriers toda .

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U.S. State Department said in a statement. Under the agreement, the two sides will also work together on information exchanges on topics such as operational experiences, defense t.

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reached on European Union agricultural subsidies and Canadian support for dairy, poultry and egg farmers. Jayson Myers, president of the Canadian Manufactures and Exports Associati.

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the only way to force the White House and Congress to behave in a fiscally responsible way. The rule requires a balance between the projected receipts and expenditures of the fe.

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